Battle for top honours at Stubbs today
December 10, 2013
Battle for top honours at Stubbs today

The battle for top honours is at fever pitch, with only today’s action remaining to decide which house will be the top dog at the Stubbs Government School.{{more}}

Before the road relay last Thursday, December 05, Trotman (blue) House was leading the pack of four with 114 points, followed by Alexander (yellow) House with 99 points, Brereton (green) House on 88 points, and Daisley (red) House on 80 points.

Following the road relay, Alexander House ramped up the pressure, winning the Boys division and placing third in the Girls, to lead going into the Sports Day today, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, with 156 points.

Daisley is in second position with 150 points, winning the Girls division of the road relay and placing second in the Boys category.

In third spot with 144 points is Trotman who had to contend with fourth place in the Boys category and the girls did not complete the Girls category, as the runner on the anchor leg fainted about 150 yards from the finish.

Brereton, occupying fourth position with 138 points, placed second in both the Boys and Girls categories respectively, of the road relay.

With just 18 points separating the four combatants, the temperature at the Stubbs Playing Field is expected to be at volcanic proportion when the students of the Stubbs Government Schools take on their colleagues to decide who will emerge the top male and female students, along with their House securing the Championship title. (Robertson S. Henry/[email protected])