Ballantyne sews up NACAC 10K road race
November 29, 2013

Ballantyne sews up NACAC 10K road race

Pamenos Ballantyne found some of his old form as he ran away with the NACAC 10K road race from Prospect to Kingstown last Sunday afternoon.{{more}}

Ballantyne clocked 33 minutes 21.48 seconds, to outlast the field, which included 2012 winner, Grenadian Sherwin Paul. In that race, Ballantyne was seventh in 37 minutes 17.02 seconds.

But last Sunday, he pulled out the stops, despite the absence of more regional competition.

The durable long distance runner had to trail Paul for most of the race, however, Ballantyne drew on his years of experience and took the lead at Bute’s residence, located in the Casson Hill area and never looked back.

Ballantyne told SEARCHLIGHT at the end of the race that he used to reverse on Paul.

“When I saw him last year, I realise he goes out hard, but was not strong on the hill…. I did the reverse on him and left my energy for the hill”, Ballantyne reported.

Ballantyne disclosed that that strategy was crafted by him and Junior Ashton, who finished in second place. Ashton, who placed third in last year’s race, ditched Paul just after coming downhill from the Sion Hill Intersection. A tired looking and struggling Paul gave it up in the vicinity of the bus stop at Sally Spring and had to be treated at the finish line.

Junior Ashton finished in 35 minutes 14.69 seconds, while Josnel Ashton was third in 38 minutes 01.86 seconds. Completing the top five finishers were Caswell Prince – fourth in 38 minutes 04.31 seconds and fifth Cyron Lewis in 39 minutes 32.72 seconds.

Ballantyne pocketed US$450.00; Junior Ashton – $350.00; Josnel Ashton – $275.00, Caswell Lewis – $225.00 and Cyron Lewis- $200.00.

In the women’s segment, Linda Mc Dowall was first in 41 minutes 25.10 seconds, while Grenadian Kenisha Paul placed second for the second year in succession. Her time last Sunday was 42 minutes 04.97 seconds. Taking third place was Samantha Lynch, in 53 minutes 20.01 seconds. Sorenya Miller and Sheva Butcher were fourth and fifth respectively. Miller’s time was 54 minutes 36.66 seconds and Butcher completed the course in 62 minutes 44.23 seconds.

The top five females received prize monies similar to the males. This Sunday will see the culmination of the road racing season here, with the staging of the LOG Enterprise North Leeward event. (RT)