SVGTTA building from ground up
November 19, 2013
SVGTTA building from ground up

Determined to get the sport of table tennis back on a sound footing, the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Table Tennis Association is hoping that coaches will start to till the soil and plant the seeds of progress.{{more}}

The SVGTTA was blessed by an eight-day level one coaching course, conducted by Georg Silberschdmist of Switzerland, which several players had the benefit of attending.

From this, president of the SVGTTA Tyrone Jack is banking on all to prop up the national development programme.

In outlining some aspects of the island-wide programme, Jack stated: “… We hope to spread the game to every constituency in a structured athlete-centered model, in which the requirements of the players depend on their age and are met by providing the right coaching, at the right time.”

Speaking at the course’s closing ceremony, Jack said that early in 2014, there will be the return of the national championships, from January 16 to 18. Other items on the programme, Jack revealed, are at least four tournaments in each age category.

Jack said that St Vincent and the Grenadines is in line to host its first ever level two table tennis coaching course. The SVGTTA head added that doors are being unlocked to have young players attend high performance centres overseas, as preparatory training for regional and international competitions.

Meanwhile, Silberschdmist told SEARCHLIGHT: “I hope when I leave, that the coaches will develop the sport. This is really the target… What can I do to make it sustainable?… In most of the countries after the course, the motivation is gone and they are not working hard.”

Silberschdmist said the course basically catered for four to six-year-olds. He said he used balloons and flannel balls to get the hand-eye co-ordination going, as well as integrated games, and the basic strokes and their techniques.

Silberschdmist said coaches were also instructed on how to coach persons who are wheelchair confined, or on crutches.

The course, held at the West St George Secondary School, christened the centre of excellence for table tennis in St Vincent and the Grenadines, was attended by several players who are part of the business houses and independence tournaments.

Committee member of the SVGTTA Orville Haslam was the main driving force behind the staging of the course. (RT)