‘Seck’ makes his final call
November 1, 2013
‘Seck’ makes his final call

The familiar face of Randolph “Seck” Medica, either officiating as an umpire in the various local cricket competitions, or manning the gate at events put on by the Ministry of Education or the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association, will be seen no more.{{more}}

Medica, 59, died last Friday at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, after a brief illness.

Stanley “Gunny” Hinds, close friend of Medica, told SEARCHLIGHT that he remembers the late umpire mainly for his dedication and commitment to the task.

“He was a tower of strength for me personally, especially when I was in charge of schools’ cricket… He will go beyond call of duty and loved what he did, many times without financial reward”, Hinds recalled. Hinds also noted that he and Medica formed such a bond that he would even refer to him as “Daddy”.

Similar sentiments of Medica’s contribution were expressed by President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Umpires Association Goaland Greaves.

“….He was a very devoted umpire, someone you could have depended up- on. Call him twenty minutes, half an hour before a cricket match starts and you know that Seck will turn up,” Greaves recalled.

In continuing to pay tribute to his fallen mate, Greaves said “…. The remarkable thing about him was that he would umpire a cricket match without using a counter. This speaks about his concentration and what you can expect from him. You would expect Seck to be consistent in his decision making… When he gave a decision, you would know that it was the way he saw it”.

Greaves said that female cricket will be most greatly affected by Medica’s passing, as in recent times, he aligned himself to that aspect of the local game.

Up to press time, information about Medica’s interment was not available from his immediate family members. (RT)