Ian Sardine keeping the show on the road
September 17, 2013

Ian Sardine keeping the show on the road

With plans to build on the momentum garnered during the recent long schools’ vacation, Ian Sardine plans to continue his training programme for track and field.{{more}}

Part of the Team Athletics SVG set-up, Sardine conducted a camp during this period, and according to him, a lot of interest was spawned.

Sardine told SEARCHLIGHT that, on a daily basis, he was able to attract over 50 participants, mainly at the Grammar School Playing Field, and when took his show on the road.

More involved in football, Sardine said he was able to fuse the Kids In Athletics programme with his own football efforts.

“The footballers themselves got into the drills and are coming to like it; Everything starts with athletics… It is the mother of all sports,” Sardine acknowledged.

Sardine said that during the seven weeks, he got some assistance from the Department of Physical Education and Sports, with Ozari Williams, who is currently pursuing studies in Cuba, being one of the coaches sent to lend his expertise.

Counting his experience in the Kids In Athletics as fun, Sardine said he was able to use some of his football coaching tactics, that is by rewarding the athletes with a snack regularly, which in the main were popsicles.

An upbeat Sardine plans to hit the ground running as the new academic year sets in.

“ … I will be here every afternoon after school and on Saturdays”, as Sardine referred to the Grammar School Playing Field. (RT)