Nikolas Sylvester leaves swimmers in wave at annual swim meet
September 6, 2013

Nikolas Sylvester leaves swimmers in wave at annual swim meet

Representing Black Sands Swim Squad, Nikolas and Justin Sylvester from St Vincent and the Grenadines swam themselves to victory at the annual Rodney Heights Aquatic Club’s summer swim meet from August 29 to September 1.{{more}}

Outperforming every other swimmer in his age group, Nikolas Sylvester secured a total of 12 gold medals and one silver medal and received a trophy for scoring the most point in his 11 to 12 year age group. Exceeding all expectations, Nikolas swam himself to 3rd position in the events exhibition sprint challenge, where he was up against swimmers of all age groups.

His younger brother, Justin, also performed well. Competing in the same age category, Justin obtained a bronze medal in the 400 m and placed 5th and 6th overall in his other events.

“Making their club and country proud,” were the first comments expressed by coach Kyle Dougan.

He went on to say: “Both boys swam very well at the competition, swimming personal best times in nearly every event. Nikolas is the older of the two Sylvester brothers and really proved his dominance over the other St Lucian swimmers. He swam times faster than some of the current OECS records for his age group and to compare him to swimmers in Great Britain, he would currently be ranked 7th fastest for his age within the whole country”.

Dougan said “Nikolas and Justin are showing great potential within the sport of swimming and they are proving my point well, that within St Vincent and the Grenadines we have a wealth of untapped talent, capable of becoming world class swimmers.

“Black Sands Swim Squad would like to encourage as many Vincentians as possible to get involved in the sport of swimming. Our club focusses heavily on developing people to become great competitive swimmers, as well as pushing strongly towards exposing Vincentians to the many sporting and academic scholarship opportunities that are available internationally,” a release from the swim club said.

Kyle Dougan may be contacted at 532-9462 or coach Sarah at 494-8555

The next local competition is OECS time trials this weekend at Shrewsbury House Pool, Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m.. The public is welcome to attend this exciting competition.