Organisations team up to offer fat burning programme
June 4, 2013

Organisations team up to offer fat burning programme

A collaborative effort of Subway, Mirage Productions and the Grassroot Tennis Club has several persons seeking to lose weight and eat healthily.{{more}}

The programme is held four days per week — Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays — at the Grassroot Tennis Club’s base at Murray’s Road. It poses various challenges geared towards getting the participants to shed excess pounds in the shortest possible time.

“It is not exactly the biggest loser, because we are not focusing on the biggest losers; it is more like the really overweight people coming down…. To get more of a fair winner, we calculate the percentage of the weight that you lose, because the bigger you are, you will lose weight faster and that doesn’t mean you have performed better than someone,”Tamisha Browne of Subway explained.

Browne revealed that there is an initial weighing of the participants in the competition, then periodic weighing and a final weighing, with “attractive” prizes for the first, second and third places.

She noted that the other objective of the programme is to get people to start getting fit and slimming down for carnival, hence the involvement of Mirage Productions.

Browne is also advising persons to eat healthily.

“A lot of people are eating a lot of junk food and not aware of how they really need to take care of their bodies… Not just for looking good, but your heart’s health,” Browne emphasized.

The programme ends at the end of this month, but Browne is hoping that persons who are enrolled will continue to keep fit and healthy through exercise and proper nutrition.(RT)