SVG NOC holds Sports For All Fitness Festival
May 31, 2013

SVG NOC holds Sports For All Fitness Festival

The National Olympic Committee of St Vincent and the Grenadines last Sunday afternoon staged its Sports For All festival at Heritage Square, with the emphasis being on fitness.{{more}}

The afternoon’s proceedings began with a journey around Kingstown, using the area from South River Road down to Police Headquarters, then across to Corea’s City Store, up to First St Vincent Bank, down to KFC, ending at South River Road.

On the journey, some ran, some jogged, while the less able took the safe route and walked. Members of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union chose the occasion to have fun rides, making several laps around the route.

At Heritage Square, several games, geared at fitness, engaged the many participants, many of whom were drawn from national sporting associations and community-based clubs.

Among the activities which rekindled that community type atmosphere were games such as “Simon Says” and “In the river-On the bank”.

The afternoon’s activities were given an extra spark with Chester Morgan, a coach attached to the Central Leeward Secondary School, bringing his inimitable style of delivery into play.

Additionally, there were basketball drills, skipping, the juggling of the football, among other games.

Sunday’s Sports For All was originally set for late March, but had to be postponed because of the funeral of Steve Victory, a former president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Fitness Federation.(RT)