Trevor Sam blows out in one-day  tennis competition
April 9, 2013

Trevor Sam blows out in one-day tennis competition

Trevor Sam rose to the top in the first-ever AARCEPI Grassroot Tennis Centre tie- breaker last Sunday at the Haddon Hotel courts on Murray’s Road.{{more}}

Sam outpointed the other 12 opponents to take the winner’s trophy, the challenge trophy and EC$400.

There was a tie for the second spot between Imani King and Rafai Bentick, who shared the $300 cash prize and the trophy which was at stake.

But it was Michael Layne who was the most gleeful, as he received his first trophy in tennis, as he docked in third and got $100 for his efforts.

Khir Huggins placed fourth and earned a trophy and $50.

Each player was engaged in two tie-breakers and the winner was determined by points won/points lost system.

The one-day tournament had a female, Antonique Clarke, as director, also her maiden attempt at such an undertaking.

Managing director of AARCEPI Denys Rodgers said he was happy to be part of the inaugural tournament, as his company is promoting sport, health and nutrition.

Rodgers, a Vincentian who grew up in England, but operates a home-grown sporting apparel business here, is urging persons to get up from their sofas and settees and get involved in some physical activities, whether it is for recreation or for taking sports to another level. (RT)