Coaches’ decision baffles TASVG official
April 9, 2013

Coaches’ decision baffles TASVG official

Games Secretary of Team Athletics SVG Rawlson Morgan is baffled that at least one coach used the Sion Hill Playing Field for training, after coaches had earlier rejected the facility for training.{{more}}

Last Saturday, the preliminary competition for Team Athletics SVG’s national club championships, planned for the Sion Hill Playing Field, was not held because of the conditions there.

But Morgan, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, said: “At the end of it all, the same part that was rejected by coaches, we notice one club was on the same field training”.

Morgan, who is also the head coach of the X-cel club and the St Vincent Grammar School track and field team, added that he wondered if the actions of the coaches were “planned”.

In explaining the events which led to last Saturday’s postponement, Morgan said that prior to the intended start of the heats, a discussion was held with the coaches present, along with another executive member of Team Athletics SVG, Cornell Cambridge. It was considered wiser to postpone, until the Arnos Vale Playing Field becomes available.

The TASVG games secretary revealed that heats have been rescheduled for this Saturday, during the staging of the juvenile championships.

“ … We will try to do two of the events in, then we will try and fit in the other events as the field becomes available,” Morgan said.

The national club championships are slated for May 6, at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, but according to Morgan, that too is a wait and see, as the national cricket competitions are in gear.

“ … We have been told that we can have inside Arnos Vale to use, once we finish by 1 p.m., and you and I know when there is a championship, it cannot finish at that time,” Morgan stated.

Morgan underlined that such an arrangement may not be practical, given the number of events and the need to provide the athletes with adequate “time to recover”. (RT)