Uncertainty over 2013 Bequia Football League
March 19, 2013
Uncertainty over 2013 Bequia Football League

Uncertainty looms over the staging of the 2013 Hairoun Beer Football League, and its hosting is contingent on repairs to the pavilion and other amenities at the Clive Tannis Playing Field.{{more}}

President of the Bequia Football Association Dominique Stowe made this known to SEARCHLIGHT recently at the presentation ceremony of the 2012 football competition.

Stowe revealed that unless the gaping holes on the roof of the pavilion are repaired, as well as the correction of the problems with the toilets there, no competition will take place.

He confirmed that the state of the pavilion was a major concern to patrons, especially when it rains. The nearby bushes have also become the rest rooms for those who want to relieve themselves.

Stowe added that work is needed on the playing surface as well.

Speaking during the 2013 budgetary debate in January, Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil Mc Kie revealed that repairs to the Clive Tannis Playing field pavilion will cost $140, 000, which has been allocated to be spent this year.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Mc Kie recently, he said that his ministry is awaiting the release of the funds from the Ministry of Finance, before work on the pavilion can be done.

Stowe said that he and his committee has plans for the 2013 competition to begin in June; however, this may not come to fruition, as no work has begun on the facility.

This year, the BFA has intentions for an Under-16 division, to go along with the established senior division.

Stowe also noted that one of the major changes in the 2013 edition will be a knock-out phase in the home and away format, which will determine the winner of the premiership.(RT)