TSSS reaffirms participation policy
February 12, 2013
TSSS reaffirms participation policy

The Thomas Saunders Secondary School (TSSS) has reaffirmed its policy regarding students’ participation in its track and field progamme, especially for qualification for the Penn Relays.{{more}}

Part of the policy, to which the student-athlete must agree, states: “The student must attend all training as directed by Coach Harry”.

“The student must participate in all athletic events as directed by Coach Harry”, the second point of the contract outlines.

Other areas of adherence insist that the students in forms four and five must attain a 45 per cent mark in at least five subjects during the term and in exams; assist in fund-raising efforts, be properly attired at all times in school uniform and obey all the rules of the school.

Reports are that at least one of the school’s emerging athletes has been ruled out for such a trip, by not participating in training sessions being conducted by Harry.

The athlete, reports say, has chosen to be under the guidance of another coach.

The Thomas Saunders Secondary School began participation in the Penn Relays in the USA in 2011, featuring only males.

Last year, the school upped its participation in the US relays and included a female outfit.

The school plans to attend the 2013 edition which comes off in April.

Prior to the Penn Relays, later this month, the TSSS will be sending a team to Barbados, to be part of that country’s Relay Fairs.

The trip to Barbados serves the dual purpose of the team acquiring the necessary travel documents to enter the United States, as well as for the athletes to attain the qualification times for the Penn Relays.(RT)