TASVG puts top athletes in spotlight
February 1, 2013

TASVG puts top athletes in spotlight

Team Athletics SVG, the local parent body for track and field, road racing and cross country runs, will tomorrow — Saturday — showcase its tops performers for 2012.{{more}}

The organization is hosting its annual awards and presentation ceremony from 3 p.m. at Frenches House.

Several awards are up for the taking at the event, hosted under the theme “Facing up to the challenges of sport”.

Among the top awards is that of Athlete of the Year 2012, which recognizes the individual who soared the highest during the calendar year.

Others to be distributed are the Senior Male Athlete of the Year, Senior Female Athlete of the Year, the Junior Male Athlete of the Year, the Most Promising Young Athlete, as well as the award for the top athlete from the Talent Identification Programme.

The person who most selflessly gave of his or time to ensure that the several programmes of TASVG are carried out will leave the venue with the accolade of Volunteer of the Year and that official who contributed most technically to the events, gets the Technical Official of the Year award.

Also to be made known are the Club of the Year and the Coach of the Year.

Saturday’s ceremony will also see the presentation of awards for the major track and field events put on by Team Athletics SVG, namely the National Relay Classics, the Mustique Company National Club Championships, the national Kids In Athletics championships and the National Teams Competition.

Nicky Ann Stephens was Athlete of the Year for 2011. (RT)