‘Use sports to fight diseases’ – Dr Sherian Slater
January 29, 2013
‘Use sports to fight diseases’ – Dr Sherian Slater

A medical doctor who heads a sports association here has called on parents to get their children more involved in sports as an avenue to combat non-communicable diseases.{{more}}

The call by re-elected president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Squash Association Dr Sherian Slater comes amidst the growing incidence of non-communicable diseases among Vincentian youth.

Slater made this view known to SEARCHLIGHT on January 21, as she outlined her executive’s plans to get more youngsters attracted to squash.

“Sports, in general, is fighting with all the technology that is going on now … Most kids don’t want to come and sweat themselves — they prefer to sit and play on the different gadgets they have now ,” Slater said.

And, the medical doctor is calling on parents to help in this regard and save themselves from spending money later.

“… You have to get the kids out … They can end up with obesity and if they are already obese, it is not too late”, Slater advised.

“They (parents) need to put into their thought process early that they need to do some exercise … Heart diseases, diabetes, all those will be linked later on, as they sit in front of the computer and their gadgets and they don’t want to come out and sweat a little bit,” she said.

Slater admitted that her association has been having some difficulty in attracting young females especially to the sport, hence during the next few months will be embarking on a vigorous youth development programme for squash.

But, Slater reiterated that while her organisation will be doing its part in trying to recruit more young players to squash, the buck stops with the parents, who must see the medical benefits of their children being involved in sports or some physical activities. (RT)