SVGASA heads get vote of confidence
January 15, 2013

SVGASA heads get vote of confidence

The executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Swimming Association (SVGASA) for 2013/2014 got a show of confidence from its members at Saturday’s annual general meeting at Paradise Inn Hotel in Villa.{{more}}

When the elections were called, four of the principal officers did not need any ballot, as they were installed unopposed.

Those who were given that unanimous support were President Stephen Joachim, Vice President of Administration Andre Cadogan, General Secretary Garcia Cato and Treasurer Villette Howard-Browne.

Joachim takes over from Cadogan, who opted for the lesser responsibility.

The posts contested were the technical vice president and the two floor members.

Louise Mitchell-Joseph won the Technical Vice President position, defeating Sarah Smith.

In a four-person run-off for the two floor members’ posts, Kim Halbich — floor member one, and Loren Gunmunro — floor member two, were voted in ahead of Niesha Alexander and Rickydene Alexander.

Both Alexanders are coaches and in his acceptance speech, president Joachim said he does not believe that coaches should be members of the executive, since it would be “a conflict of interest”, when selecting teams.

Joachim, in listing the issues confronting the association, noted that the organisation is in need of a public relations officer and has thrown out the invitation to anyone interested in the being the mouthpiece of the SVGASA .

The incoming president also wants to see some changes to the association’s constitution, including a change of the selection policies.

Joachim said he will be paying special attention to the income stream of the association. (RT)