IT-DAT to hold  in-house track meet
January 8, 2013
IT-DAT to hold in-house track meet

An in-house track meet, hosted by the IT-DAT track and field club Friday afternoon at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, will crown off the club’s Christmas vacation training camp.{{more}}

Several athletes of all ages who attended the camp will pit their skills in various track events.

Head of IT-DAT, Michael “Lord Have Mercy” Ollivierre, said the usual trinkets will be given away to the top performers, as well as those who showed promise throughout the camp.

Ollivierre said he was pleased with the enthusiasm and interest shown by the participants, as many of them even showed up on the days which were deemed rest days.

Ollivierre stated that apart from going through the rudiments of track, the attendees were engaged in social activities to assist them in their appreciation for one another and to build club camaraderie.

He highlighted the emergence of some team leaders, who showed leadership qualities and the willingness to take initiatives.

Ollivierre identified teenaged middle distance athlete Brandon Valentine-Parris as one such bright prospect.

Ollivierre said he has seen some renewed energy in track and field in the past year and a half and noted that the IT-DAT regular training camps are helping in this regard.

The IT-DAT camp has been taking place over the past year, during the schools’ vacation periods — Easter, July/August and December. (RT)