Ashton sprints off with Sion Hill road race
November 16, 2012

Ashton sprints off with Sion Hill road race

Junior Ashton crossed the finish line first last Sunday afternoon to pouch the Open Male category of the LOG Enterprises Sion Hill sprint.{{more}}

Ashton, representing Chatoyers, outran the field, including ace distance runner Pamenos Ballantyne.

Ashton completed the course in 14 minutes 23.28 seconds. The race began at the Sion Hill intersection and followed the route through Cane Garden and Long Wall. Athletes then went on to Sharpe Street, turned onto Granby Street, exited at the Old Ju-C building and headed back to Sion Hill via the main Murray’s Road.

Ballantyne, who copped the North Windward race on October 21, had to settle for second, while Josnel Ashton again trailed the two.

Again it was one, two, three for the Chatoyers club.

Casique Olliver of IT DAT placed first in the Male Under-19, clocking 15:29.23.

Trailing him in that age group were Caswin Lewis of the St Vincent Grammar School and Akina Slater of IT DAT.

The Male Under-15 winner was Ryan John of the Bishop’s College Kingstown, whose time was 16:53.29. John placed third in the North Windward event.

Taking the second place in the Sion Hill Sprint was Rodika Williams of the Owia Government School, while Alex Grant of the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, who won the North Windward race, had to contend with third on this occasion.

In the Male Over 40 segment, Caswin Morris, representing Spring Village, continued his domination, returning a winning time of 15:55.08.

Second was Leonard Ballantyne, who represented Chatoyers, and third was Wally Mc Kie of Great Head.

Meanwhile, Linda Mc Dowall of IT DAT secured the Open Female category in 19:15.07, ahead of Alicia Cox of X-Cel in second position and Sheva Butcher of X-Ceed.

Kerina Hooper of the Thomas Saunders Secondary held on to the Under-19 title, in 22:10.64, the same as Tara Joseph of IT DAT, who was positioned second. Docking in third was Sandy Bay Secondary School’s Delicia Baptiste, as the three places were maintained as in the previous outing.

Taking the Under-15 was Shaffique Maloney of the Thomas Saunders Secondary, who won in 21:34.90. Twin sisters Aaliyah Quashie and Ahkima Quashie, both of the George Stephens Secondary, were once again second and third, respectively.

Lisa Daniel of X-Cel, who in the North Windward race was an entrant in the Open Females and was beaten by Mc Dowall, switched to the Over-40’s and upstaged Samantha Lynch, the only other entrant.

The winning time was 18:23.20.

Eighty-four athletes faced the starter’s gun, with 82 completing the course.

The final race on the calendar — the LOG enterprises North Leeward road race — takes place on November 25. (RT)