Prospect discipline Stubborn Youths
November 2, 2012
Prospect discipline Stubborn Youths

A single strike from Lindon Simon in the 68th minute not only numbed the partisan crowd at the Stubbs Playing Field Sunday,{{more}} but also gave GTM Prospect a 1-nil win over Serge Stubborn Youths in the league final of the Hairoun South East Development Inc Community.

Billed as a revenge match for Prospect after they had lost to Stubborn Youths 2-nil the previous Sunday in the knockout finals, expectations were high in both camps.

After a goalless first half and an equally competitive second period, it took a flash of brilliance to break the deadlock.

Simon, who as a school boy seven years ago represented St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Digicel Cup against Trinidad and Tobago at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, has since gone off the boil.

He, however, showed the persons at the venue Sunday some of that early promise, when he made good of a deft back heel from Leslo Mc Kenzie.

Simon, on receiving the pass, rifled a right-footed kick that made Stubborn Youths’ goalkeeper Melvin Andrews stand his ground; he could only stand and stare as the ball bulged the net.

This was enough to droop the flags of the Stubborn Youths supporters and choke their planned celebrations, as referee Andrew Bramble moments after blew the final whistle.

For their efforts, Prospect pocketed $1,200, the challenge trophy, which they would have to return and a replica for their collection.

Second placed Stubborn Youths collected $800 and a trophy, along with the Knockout silverware and $300.

Third place in the league competition, Bonhomme Ghetto Youths, secured $500 and a trophy.

Leslo McKenzie of GTM Prospect, who netted on 14 occasions, was the top goal scorer in the competition, with Stubborn Youths’ evergreen Melvin Andrews adjudged the best goalkeeper.

Damari Matthews of Brighton Star Blocks pouched the most promising young player.

Both received small cash awards and trophies.

Victoria Village claimed the most disciplined team for their perseverance in the competition, despite being one of the whipping boys.

SVG Coastguard, Calder Ridge, Brighton Veterans, Choppins, Enhams Playing it Safe and Comsports Masters were the other participating teams.

One player from each of the 11 teams was adjudged to be his team’s most valuable player and was rewarded with a trophy. (RT)