September 25, 2012
Dim start to Rotary softball cricket

The 2012 Rotary club of St Vincent South independence softball cricket competition got off to a low-keyed start on Saturday evening at the Arnos Vale netball complex.{{more}}

With a few of the teams turning up for the commencement of the competition, the usual opening ceremony was shelved, as competition began in earnest.

The non-functioning of some of the lights at the venue added to the dreary atmosphere.

Organisers, though, are optimistic that things will be brighter this Saturday, as more of the 14 teams that indicated their participation in the competition will show up for their matches.

In matches played on Saturday, SG De Freitas Beat the Heat defeated St Vincent Brewery Ltd.; Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines whipped Bank of Nova Scotia; ECGC saw off C.K. Greaves and Company and National Sports Council outstripped S.G. De Freitas Beat the Heat, amidst some misunderstanding of the rules of the competition.

The competition sees each team comprising eight players, including two females. Each player must bowl a six-ball over.

Other rules involve two runs being awarded for hitting the perimeter fence, while any batsman who hits the ball outside the arena is given six runs, but is also given out.

Additionally, two runs are given for each wide ball bowled, except in the last over, when it must be re-bowled.

Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars won the 2011 competition and the $1,200 cash prize, when they beat National Sports Council in the final. (RT)