August 31, 2012
Harlem FC-NY donates to SVG Youth Football Academy

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Youth Football Academy last Saturday received a dozen footballs and 20 jerseys from Harlem FC of New York.{{more}}

Neil Howard presented the items to Ian Sardine, the founder of the SVG Youth Football Academy, at the Grammar School Playing Field.

Howard, Harlem’s representative, is a Vincentian attached to the New York based club.

He said he was proud to make the contribution on behalf of the organization.

He said the donation was a start for a long-lasting relationship between the two entities.

Howard said he was encouraged to make such a presentation to Sardine for his selfless contribution to football here.

Howard said he was thankful to Carl Munroe of Standard Caribbean, who shipped the items free.

Sardine expressed his gratitude to Harlem FC, on behalf of the academy.