August 17, 2012
Natural ‘fighter’ gets her wish

Jayone Tucker sees herself as a natural fighter.

So when she heard of a five-day boxing workshop, put on by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Boxing Association, she could not pass up the opportunity.{{more}}

The Girls High School student, who will be heading to Form 2 in September, was among about 20 young boxers enrolled in the workshop at St Martin’s Secondary School, from August 7 to 11.

When asked by SEARCHLIGHT what drove her to get involved in boxing, Tucker said:

“It is exciting and I want to learn how to defend myself.”

Tucker, who is quiet in disposition, revealed that she likes to fight.

“I fight a lot at home with my brother, so getting into boxing came naturally”, she said.

Tucker disclosed that she is a big fan of professional wrestling and also looks at boxing on television.

Tucker, excited about her new knowledge of the sport and its intricacies, said: “So far, I have learnt to jab, the upper cut, hook, the parry, which is a type of block, and the roll”.

Tucker, who was the lone female in the workshop, said she would continue to train under the guidance of coach Junior Assing, when school reopens.

The local boxing body has had a problem recruiting persons, especially females, and more so sustaining their interest in the sport.

The workshop sought to bring new persons into the sport and sharpen the skills of existing boxers.

The workshop mainly targeted boxers under 20 years old and was funded by the National Olympic Committee. (RT)