August 14, 2012
Youths get futsal exposure

Young footballers from Calliaqua and Campden Park and from the Liberty Lodge Training Centre for Boys were last week introduced to the sport of futsal.{{more}}

The rudiments of the small sided sport are being taught by Kenrick Alexander, a Vincentian residing in the United States of America, who is the Technical Director of Westchester Futsal of White Plains, New York.

Alexander carried out the introductory lessons on the hard courts in the three areas visited.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the Campden Park hard court last Saturday, over 100 young footballers were engaged in the exercise.

The turn-out in the three areas delighted Alexander, who expressed this in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT.

“I am pleased with [the] outcome and the interest shown by the kids,” Alexander said.

Alexander said that the reason for introducing futsal to the youths is to help with their confidence.

“In this form of the sport, the kids get more touches of the ball, which helps to build their confidence,” Alexander reasoned.

He added that with St Vincent and the Grenadines possesses several hard courts, which can be utilized for playing futsal.

Alexander said that futsal can be used as a base for young footballers, to develop specific skills such as crisp passing, which they can transfer to the full sized fields.

Alexander stated that he will be exploring the possibility of his US-based organisation partnering with the Campdonia/ Chelsea football club and specifically Keith Ollivierre, to help in futsal taking root here.

Futsal is generally played between two teams of five players each, one of whom is a goalkeeper. It is usually played indoor on a hard surface.

In this form of the sport, unlimited substitutions are permitted. Futsal is also played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a regular football. (RT)