August 14, 2012
Samuel wins Blackberry Curve in Digicel ‘Kick to Win’ competition

Thanks to his prowess on the soccer field, Kevon Samuel is now the proud owner of a Digicel Blackberry Curve (9360).{{more}}

Last Wednesday night, during half-time of the second game (St Vincent vs Suriname) in the Caribbean Football Union Group 4 qualifier at Victoria Park, Samuel managed to kick a ball into the net from a little above the half line mark, not once, but three times.

Persons who had gathered at the Victoria Park were asked to answer the question “Who won the silver medal in the Olympics men 100 metre final on Sunday?” The first three persons to text the correct answer to the Digicel number provided were given the opportunity to kick for the handset during half-time.

Texting the correct answer were Samuel, Lorson Lewis and Vanessa Lewis. At half time, Lorson found the night once and won himself EC$100 credit, while Vanessa was unable to find the net during her three chances.

Winning, Samuel said that he was thankful for the opportunity to win the phone. He added that he has been a Digicel customer for a long time and is glad for the new handset.

The handset was handed over by Digicel’s Corporate Accounts Manager Brenda Barbour-Charles, while Digicel’s Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche handed over the credit to Lorson.

DeRoche said that the competition was held as they wanted to provide a bit of half-time entertainment, as well as give persons the opportunity to win great prizes.