August 10, 2012
Swim camp achieving objectives – organiser

A three-week swim camp, organised by the Black Sands Swim Squad and conducted at the recently established Shrewsbury Pool at Ratho Mill, is achieving its objectives.{{more}}

That is the view expressed by the man who heads the set-up, Kyle Dougan, during the second week of the camp.

In outlining the main objective of the camp, Dougan told SEARCHLIGHT last Monday: “The objective of the camp is to introduce awareness of swimming as a sport, while also giving kids the understanding that if even they can’t swim, the fun they can have in the water and that is being achieved so far.

“Also we are introducing kids to learning proper swim techniques and water safety; not being scared of the water and it is really to have an understanding of what it takes to be able to swim and to stay afloat,” Dougan added.

Dougan disclosed that the camp attendees vary in age and ability with regard to their swimming.

“We’ve got all ages and abilities, so there are those kids from five years old who are scared of the water and can’t swim; then we’ve got the 10 to 12-year-olds also can’t swim, and we’ve also got some very good swimmers, so it’s a wide range of kids,” Dougan said.

Dougan stated that the camp is not only about swimming, as other aspects of sports are being taught.

“Apart from the swimming, we have other sports; the basic field games like athletics, obstacle courses, and gymnastics,” Dougan said.

Dougan said that with the aid of a Japanese volunteer Jesse, they are able to teach the children basic gymnastic skills, which he said opens up an entire new frontier for Vincentian children, as this sport is almost new to many of them.

“We are also introducing them to the Chinese language, like the basic hello and thank you which has been a big plus for the kids,” Dougan intimated.

Dougan said that the arts and craft aspect of the camp has a heavy emphasis on the current London Olympic Games.

He said that the arts and craft displays are centered on the Olympics and the theme of the games.

Dougan said that there is participation of about 40 children per week, which includes a group from Layou, which forms part of the Squad’s outreach efforts.

Dougan noted that the camp officially ends on August 17, when all of the participants will assemble at the pool to have a send-off and bring to an end three weeks of fun, learning and fellowship.

He was thankful to all those donors who have made the venture, the first undertaken by the Swim Squad, possible.

Apart from Dougan, Sarah Smith, Kish Frederick, Amanda Frederick and the senior swimmers from the Black Sand Swim Squad are the resource personnel overseeing the camp. (RT)