August 3, 2012
Team SVG surprised by number of Vincy supporters at London Olympics

This country’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Cenio Lewis, on Sunday welcomed the St Vincent and the Grenadines delegation to the 30th Summer Olympic Games in London.{{more}}

Doris Charles, counsellor at the High Commission, coordinated the proceedings at the office of the High Commission, the National Olympic Committee (NOC) said in a release.

Charles welcomed Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, the Vincentian delegation to the Games — including Team Attaché Basil Charles — and scores of Vincentians in London.

She also entertained the gathering with a poem that included a brief on each of the participating athletes of the Vincentian team.

Lewis accompanied Sir Frederick to the reception hosted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, just prior to the Opening Ceremony last Friday.

At the Opening Ceremony, Lewis congratulated the athletes on reaching so far in their respective disciplines.

He urged self-reflection and steeling of the wills in order to persevere and asked the athletes to draw on their own inspiration in order to be successful.

Sir Frederick told the athletes of the pride that all of St Vincent and the Grenadines has in their achievements so far and urged them to strive after excellence.

President of the NOC Trevor Bailey thanked Lewis and the Vincentians who braved the weather to be part of the reception.

He asked them to support the efforts at home to provide better facilities for Vincentian athletes.

Bailey presented the NOC’s history book to Lewis and Charles and a Basil Charles-sponsored NOC watch to Lewis.

Speaking on behalf of the athletes, Courtney Williams expressed surprise at the tremendous support that Vincentians everywhere have given, especially since the Opening Ceremony.

He said the athletes were committed to working more diligently to deepen the culture of sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The evening also heard a beautiful song by Dr Vibert Cornwall, in tribute to the athletes.

Charles Chauban of Zamora Global and Barbara Mercury of the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Culture, resident in London, both encouraged the athletes.