July 24, 2012
Basketball action continues in Bequia

East Blazers’ centre player Kendall Cumberbatch #8 blocks Duke’s small forward player Otis Lewis #15, as he attempts a basket in the dying moments of their First Division match,{{more}} as the 14th Annual Bequia Basketball Tournament continued at the Clive Tannis Playing field in Port Elizabeth on Saturday. Duke defeated East Blazer 82 points to 56.

In other games:

On Friday:

Titans defeated Dragons 22 to 17
Young Wizards defeated Hornets: 26 to 22
Duke defeated Warriaz 75 to 57

On Saturday:

Hornets defeated Hawks 26 to 18
Wizards defeated Young Duke 68 to 46

On Sunday:

Young Wizards defeated Dragons 28 to 18
Blazin Heat defeated Rising Stars II 53 to 44
Bequia Tech RisingStars defeat Warriaz 60 to 37.

Next Games:

Wednesday, July 25:

5:30 p.m.: Rockets vs Hawks
6:30 p.m.: Wizards vs Young Duke
8 p.m.: Duke vs Bequia Tech Rising Stars
9 p.m.: Gladiatorz vs East Blazers