July 3, 2012
Squash players get new gear from the National Olympic Committee

The junior players of Squash are now equipped with gear, courtesy the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

A quantity of racquets, balls and eye wear was officially handed over on June 26 to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Squash Association.

And according to the Squash Association’s President Dr Sherian Slater, the donation, which amounts to $2,450, came after a request was made for some equipment to continue the ongoing summer camp and summer program.

“The NOC has been very supportive of squash and we deserve it, because we have very good results to show,” Slater said.

Through the kind donation of the NOC, Dr Slater said that the squash association was able to purchase racquets of varying weights, balls and eye wear.

The equipment will be used when the 2012 summer program serves off on August 6. The equipment will also be used in the junior program, Dr Slater explained.

Doris McIntosh, executive member of the NOC, said that once the organization was approached, a decision was made immediately to assist, although the sport is not officially on the NOC’s program.

“In the past, we have assisted the association and we would continue to do so in the future…and while we have are not always able to meet the requirements, we have provided some assistance that would help along the way,” McIntosh said.

“Our hope is that you would use this gift for the further development of those attracted to this sport,” she continued.

According to McIntosh, the NOC has been monitoring the success of the athletes of the Squash Association at the OECS level and was looking for better performances at the regional and international level.

She said that the next focus was on the Commonwealth games in 2014 and that the NOC would assist in preparing the best athlete for this tournament.