August 23, 2011
Ollivierre lands Tennis Scholarship

Dujoh OlLivierre is off on a four-year Tennis scholarship, at the Bethany College, which is located in Lindsborg, Kansas, in the United States of America.{{more}}

Ollivierre will pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, with a focus on Web-based development, an area of study he said he has been diligently seeking for some time.

A member of the X- Cel Tennis Academy, the 20-year-old Ollivierre, who has been playing tennis since age nine, said he chose that field of study because of his sense of detail and understanding of colour.

For him, it was not a hard choice for a career path, as his father is a graphic artist.

Ollivierre, who, apart from his tennis skills, had the prerequisite academics, also had to do the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which enabled him to secure the scholarship.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT last Saturday morning at the National Lotteries Authority facility at Richmond Hill, the home base of X- Cel, Ollivierre said that the scholarship will not only enhance his tennis skills, but broaden his horizon in his knowledge of Information Technology and experience in the field of graphic designing.

Ollivierre, in balancing the two, whilst accepting he will not play tennis forever, is not abandoning ambitions of making it on to the professional circuit.

Fixed in his immediate future plans, Dujoh said: “On return, I want take over my father’s business, and take it to a broader spectrum,” the young tennis player projected.

“I want to thank my parents, Michael Ollivierre (Hulk) and Donna Ollivierre, as well as my coaches, Samantha Goodluck, Kebajah King and Nigel Liverpool, for their support they gave me over the years,” Ollivierre concluded.

Dujoh Ollivierre is one of three young Tennis players from the X- Cel set up to land tennis scholarships in the US. The other two are Alain Bailey and Shane Latchman. (RT)