Craiglee Sam making most of Taiwan experience
July 12, 2011
Craiglee Sam making most of Taiwan experience

Craiglee Sam of Bequia, who is on a four-year Basketball scholarship in Taiwan, says he is making the best of the opportunity to gain a higher level of education, and at the same time, improve on his Basketball skills.{{more}}

Sam is one of two persons from Bequia attending the Ming Chuan University. The other is Gregg Friday.

The two were part of a final selection process done two years ago, where video tapes of a dozen players from Bequia were shown to the Ming Chuan University Basketball Coach, who made his choices.

Sam, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday in Bequia, said: “Since I am there, my game as a whole has developed, especially my speed and my mid-range jump shot”.

Sam, who is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Travel and Tourism, said that at first, as expected, he encountered some difficulty adapting.

Sam listed the style of play, the food, the language and the weather conditions, to which he had to get accustomed.

“Their style of play is a shooting system, where they shoot a lot and coming from these parts, where we play big man, strong Basketball, it was hard,” Sam, who plays Centre and Power Forward, stated.

At present, Sam is averaging 30 points per game, with 13 rebounds per game to the good, and is part of the starting five at all times.

He contended that it is hard work balancing his studies and keeping his Basketball at a high standard.

“You practise from six in the morning, then you have a full day of classes, then practise again, complete assignments; in all you get about five hours of rest, but after doing it repeatedly, I have gotten used to it,” Sam, who is six feet seven inches, said.

He revealed that the Ming Chuan University, which offers courses in English, recently gained American accreditation, which adds credence to his field of study.

The Bequia resident, who holds on to the adage that hard work brings success, is looking at heading straight to his Masters.

Sam, who returns to Taiwan in early September, said while here, he is enjoying reuniting with his family and friends, and is keeping fit, as he will participate in the annual Bequia Basketball Tournament, appearing for his team, Bequia Tech Rising Stars.

While here, Sam will be trying to recruit as many as four players, so that they can follow his and others’ footsteps.

“While I am here, I will be trying to recruit four persons who have finished high school and who must not be older than 20 years,” Sam explained.

Sam concluded that it was Vincentian students in Taiwan who made possible his opening, and he wants to do the same for others.(RT)