SVGFF holds EC$1.3m ground breaking ceremony for Technical facility
April 29, 2011
SVGFF holds EC$1.3m ground breaking ceremony for Technical facility

Work on this country’s first Gold Project, a technical centre at Brighton, was expected to begin earlier this week, following on last Thursday’s (April 21) ground breaking ceremony for the EC$1.3 million facility.{{more}}

“I feel very happy that we have gotten to this point,” Joseph Delves, President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, (SVGFF) told SEARCHLIGHT.

“We had to battle a lot of obstacles to get to this point,” he continued.

It was no easy task, Delves explained, adding that the SVGFF had to convince the community that having the facility was in their best interest.

He said that included in the agreement was that the residents will not be shut out from the facility.

“We have worked out an arrangement so they (residents) can have access to the field,” Delves contended.

He reiterated the positive impact the facility is expected to have on the further development of Ffootball in the country.

For example, Delves said that it was anticipated that having the facility would mean that the Technical Director will have better access to the squad.

The establishment of football training camps was crucial in preparation.

The SVGFF’s President further explained that the facility will cut the cost of hosting visiting teams, and as a result will mean that patrons should be seeing more international matches being played here.

And while it has taken a while for this country to get its first Gold Project underway, there are a lot of other countries around the region that are yet to get similar projects off the ground, Delves said.

The facility is expected to be completed in 2012.