October 1, 2010
Mayers wears national colours once more

Disgraced Vincentian female sprinter Natasha Mayers will be once again donning the national colours at an international Track and Field event, when she competes in the Commonwealth Games set to start in India from this weekend.{{more}}

Mayers was banned in 2005 after she was tested positive for the banned drug, Testosterone on April 21, 2005, in an out of season competition in her home town of California.

Mayers had a level of close to nine, more than twice the legal amount of testosterone permitted in the body.

Mayers, now, 31, served her two year ban, which ended in 2007.

Prior to her transgression, Mayers, made it to the quarter-final round in the 100 meters at the 28th edition of the Olympic Games, held in Athens, Greece, in 2004. She was, however, forced out of the Games because of an injury.

Mayers copped the award as this country’s Sports Personality for 2004.

Mayers, along with Pamenos Ballantyne and Jared Lewis forms part of the Athletics contingent to the Games. Tyrone James is the Athletics’ team Manager, with Rawlston Morgan as Coach.

The sport of Squash sees Jules Snagg, Othneil Bailey and James Bentick as player/coach.

Representing Boxing are Lorenzo Duncan, Keithland King, Jahziel Lewis, with Winston Telesford as Manager, and Cavanaugh Gumbs as Coach.

Table Tennis is being represented by Kamal Hunte, Carlton Daniel, and Romano Spencer, with Bob Ballantyne as Coach and Terrance Marksman as the Manager.

Tennis has Loyce Williams, the lone player, with Onike Spann as Coach/Manager.

Cycling is represented by Orano Andrews, Shimano Bailey and Dominic Ollivierre, with Emmerson Holder doubling up as Manager / Coach.

The locally based Vincentians began leaving the state for India last Monday afternoon.

Jacintha Ballantyne is the Chief of Mission and Doris Mc Intosh, the Deputy.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines was present at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Australia. At those games, Netball had a presence. (RT)