September 21, 2010
ASCO gets 3D message

Members of the Ashburton Sports and Cultural Organisation (ASCO) have been urged to adopt a three pronged approach in order to be sustained as a community based group.{{more}}

Dr. Linton Lewis, featured speaker at a lecture staged by ASCO at the Gomea Methodist Church, called on members last week Tuesday night, September 14, to have discipline, determination and dedication.

Lewis’ presentation was made on the topic “Linking academics, sports and community volunteerism to fashion a productive social and economic development”.

Using many of his personal experiences as a young cricketer and footballer, he said that he was able to excel in sports and academics and still find time to carry out community duties in his hometown of Calliaqua.

This, he said, was achieved by implementing the 3Ds, which was the common thread of his speech.

He recalled tours with various teams when he had to forgo cocktails and other team engagements in order to beat his books.

He even recalled participating in region cricket competitions and having to write external exams.

Stating a prerequisite for success, Lewis said:” You must make sacrifices in order to achieve anything.”

Lewis, who was an all round sportsman and who represented St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a Goal Keeper at the Under-19 age group, said that sports and academics can blend.

“We must not under estimate the power of sports, it can help you with your education,” Lewis stated.

“It [Sports] helps you build your self confidence. When you are doing well in sports you do well in the classroom as it helps you nurture that structure and helps you think quickly,” Lewis added.

Lewis, who also represented St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Windwards and the Combined Islands at cricket at the senior level said “Sports help you make the connection that is long lasting in your life.”

Highlighting the need to have a strong community spirit, Lewis told those present: “We must not take things for granted, but have a sense of community spirit.”

“Put off the selfish nature (you) have, (you) must think of your club, team, school, community and even your country,” he advised.

“When you are selfish, you struggle to reach far,” the former St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Windwards and West Indies Under-19 opening batsman stated.

Apart from the lecture, ASCO also last week Thursday held its Annual General Meeting and began its celebrations with a Church Service the previous Sunday.

A community market and local dish sale took place last Saturday. The next event will be a Games Evening at the Belair Spa, this evening September 21, with a concert this Friday also at the Belair Spa.

The lecture was held as part of ASCO’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

The anniversary is being held under the theme:” Celebrating our past, shaping our future- ASCO- twenty years and growing stronger”. (RT)