September 3, 2010
SVGFF goes mobile

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) now has in its possession a set of portable lights which can be used for the lighting of playing fields across the state.{{more}}

The sixteen-light bank is mounted on its own trailer, with each lamp having the capacity to produce 1500 watts.

The diesel operated lighting system was purchased at a cost of US$55,000.

Disclosure of this latest addition to the SVGFF’s stock of equipment came when President of the SVGFF addressed residents of Brighton last Friday evening at the Brighton Methodist Church.

Delves said that with availability of playing facilities for Football at a premium, the lights will make it possible for matches to be extended into the night at different venues.

He also said that the lights will be an integral part of the SVGFF’s plan to construct a Technical Centre at the Brighton Playing Field.

But they are not done, as the SVGFF is also in the process of acquiring portable dressing rooms which will be retrofitted with washrooms.

This has become necessary as several fields do not possess such amenities and with the rise in women’s Football, the need for such a facility has been accentuated.

The SVGFF through the National Lotteries Authority, in January 2009, had to install temporary dressing rooms at the eastern end of the Victoria Park, to facilitate the hosting of the Caribbean Zone finals of the CONCACAF Under-20 championships to the 2009 World Cup Finals.

This arrangement was repeated earlier this year, when local club Avenues hosted Leo Victor of Suriname, Joe Public of Trinidad and Tobago and Devonshire Cougars of Bermuda in the Caribbean Football Union qualifiers of the CONCACAF Club championships.

Previously, teams had to be accommodated at the then Dr. JP Eustace Memorial Secondary School, whenever regional matches were played at the Victoria Park. (RT)