Football returns to the Chilli Playing Field
August 31, 2010
Football returns to the Chilli Playing Field

Competitive Football returned to the North East League last Sunday, as the National Lotteries Authority sponsored tournament opened.{{more}}

The re-grassed and refurbished Chilli Playing Field, which has not seen action since 2007, is the venue for the 2010 version, which opened in a blaze of sunshine with the official Opening Ceremony and March Past of thirteen of the fifteen registered teams.

Addressing last Sunday’s ceremony were Minister of State in the Ministry of Sports, Ces Mc Kie, Director of Physical Education and Sports, Nelson Hillocks, Kamara Doyle of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, and Chairman of the North East League, Trevor Huggins.

Huggins urged users of the facilities to take care of it, as it is a far cry from the days when stones and sand covered the playing surface, which resulted in bruises and other forms of injury to many players.

The regrassing and fencing of the playing field was made possible through the Social Investment Fund facility.

With the fencing in place, the league organisers are in a position to charge a small entrance fee, which Huggins said will go towards the erection of toilet facilities at the southern end of the Chilli Playing Field.

Huggins also asked that the players let “fair play” be the hallmark of the 2010 league.

Following the opening ceremony, an exhibition match took place between 2007 winners, Paradise Investments Carib Warriors and Nemwil Hope International, a guest team.

Hope International triumphed 3-1, with goals coming from Dorian Dallaway, Kevin Hope and Nicholi Williams. For Carib Warriors, Donovan Child was the scorer.

Apart from the champions, the other teams participating are Carib Warriors Two, Highlanders, Young Strikers, Brownstown Most Wanted, Royal Saints, DESCO, Linkers, KFC Owia, SLR Future Stars, Colonarie, Langley Park Strikers, Ghetto Flames, Simon United and Golden Touch.

The league begins in earnest tomorrow, Wednesday, September, 1. (RT)