August 24, 2010
SVGFF holds AGM this Saturday

Affiliates of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation will assemble at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Conference Room located in the Coreas Building, this Saturday, August 28, from 10 am, as the Federation holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM).{{more}}

Among the agenda items are the Executive Summary of its activities for the past 17 months and the presentation of the Financial Statement and Audited Balance Sheet for the periods December 2008 and 2009.

Also down as a possible agenda item, is the election of officers, with any other business listed for accommodation for persons wishing to address topics not catered for under the above listed headings.

The last Annual General Meeting was held March 28, 2009.

At that last AGM, three persons, Messrs Julian Small, Marvin Fraser and Kamara Doyle were elected to fill vacancies.

Saturday’s meeting will be the first that the federation will host with a full-time paid General Secretary in place.

Ian Hypolite took up that post earlier this year, replacing Earl Bennett, who acted in the post since the Joseph Delves led Executive was elected for a four year term on October 20, 2007.