MSA President – Enough is enough!
May 7, 2010
MSA President – Enough is enough!

Lyn Marie Nicholls, President of the Marriaqua Sports Association (MSA), has had enough as the head of that organization and wishes she can fast forward the elections as she wants out.{{more}}

A dejected Nicholls made her feelings known to SEARCHLIGHT last Sunday afternoon at the Richland Park Government School hardcourt, after the planned Opening Ceremony and Ball-O-Rama of the National Lotteries Authority Larry Bascombe Basketball Competition did not materialize.

“I have had enough. This is the last nail in the coffin,” Nicholls said passionately.

Nicholls’ frustration stemmed from the fact that the backboards needed for play to take place had not been mounted.

Nichols reported to SEARCHLIGHT that she was at the venue on Sunday morning awaiting the person who had given the assurance that the backboards would be mounted by noon that same day.

The first female head of the MSA, Nicholls said that she is without much help in her capacity as president.

“I am not rethinking my position. Let me go back to my position of Secretary,” she declared.

Almost on cue, the Disc Jockey blasted out Romain Virgo’s “Who feels it knows it”.

Nicholls was handed the baton of leadership in August 2008 when then President, the late Larry Bascombe, demitted office because of ill health.

But Nicholls’ woes did not start last Sunday, as the Basketball competition was first scheduled to start April 18, but was postponed to April 25.

On the morning of April 25, Nicholls was again forced to make a late postponement to last Sunday.

Nicholls, despite her disappointment, is hopeful that before the end of the competition, the flood lights being provided for at the school compound will be completed, so that the basketballers can have an opportunity to play in the late evening.

But all is well that ends well and the competition got going last Wednesday afternoon.

Nine teams, six in the Senior Division and three in the Junior Division, are competing for honours.

In the Senior Division are defending champion Greiggs Most Wanted, Kahshe Angels, Calliaqua United, Sion Hill Pacers, Street Fighters, and Fully Loaded Ballers.

Competing in the Juniors are Biabou All Stars, Street Fighters and Team Corporation.