March 19, 2010
Zonal Athletics Finals

by ORDE BAllantyne: Headteacher, Questelles Government School 19.MAR.10

What was supposed to be the South Leeward Zonal Athletic Finals featuring the Lowmans Leeward Anglican (LLAS) the Buccament Primary (BPS), Clare Valley Government and the Questelles Government (QGS) turned out to be just a final, but quite an exciting event it was. {{more}}

At the last minute the Clare Valley School opted not to participate, so in came the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS), necessitating the change in the name of the competition. The fact that the KPS held its Annual Sports meet on Thursday, March 11, served as a warm up meet for the competition on March 12. Ordinarily, the athletes should have been fatigued, but their dominance at the finals proved otherwise.

The KPS dominated 4 of the six divisions: the under 9 female, the under 11 male and female, and the under 13 male, amassing a total of 166 points to emerge the Champions of the event. In second place was QGS, winning the male under 9 and the female under 13 divisions with a total of 126 points. LLAS with 70 points and BPS with 56 points were distant 3rd and 4th places, respectively.

In the Under 9 division, the winner in the male category was Jelani Chance (QGS) who amassed 12 points. The winner in the female category was Aaliyah Welcome of the Kingstown Preparatory School, also with 12 points.

In the Under 11 division, Alex Samuel of the KPS led the male division with 9 points, while in the female division, Shantelle Williams of the LLAS was out front with 12 points.

The Under-13 division saw Tevin Davis of KPS leading the males with 8 points, while Deslorn Lawrence of the QGS won the female section with 12 points.

The poor turn out by personnel from the Ministry of Sports and the absence of the Headteacher of the LLAS did not dampen the enthusiasm of the students, teachers and parents of the schools who competed. It was an exciting event, and also a historical one, being the first of its kind. It will surely not be the last, and maybe this might spark interest in other zones.

On behalf of the headteachers of the competing schools, we say thanks to SVG Team Athletics for sponsoring the medals and the trophies for the event, to Giddeon Labban and Byron Quamina for working tirelessly to ensure the event was run smoothly, the students, the teachers and parents for making the event the success that it was.