Bequia holds Junior Tennis Tournament
March 19, 2010
Bequia holds Junior Tennis Tournament

The second annual Junior Tennis Tournament was held at Lower Bay, Bequia, on Sunday, February 28. The “round-robin” format was organized by coach Wally McKie, with a total of four girls and five boys competing.{{more}}

Winner in the Girls group was Luka Lyttle, with first place in the Boys group going to Troy Bullock,

Medals and trophies were donated by Bequia resident Wendy Leighton and presented by Sir James Mitchell to the applause of supporters and parents who expressed delight at the young skills on display.

First in the girls’ division was Luka Lyttle. She was followed by Denea Lyttle, Melanie Grant and Indira Andrews, respectively. Leading the boys was Troy Bullock, Travio Simmons second, Daren Gregg third, and Ozari Gurley and Youri Phillips fourth and 5th, respectively.