November 13, 2009
Ballantyne outruns the field

Pamenos Ballantyne returned to the local road racing circuit last Sunday to finish ahead of the field in the Log Enterprises 5K. It was the last race for Team Athletics SVG’s 2009 official domestic road racing calendar.{{more}}

Ballantyne, of the Chatoyer club, romped home ahead of the other 61 athletes to complete the race in 20 minutes 38.28 seconds. Ballantyne will be leading this country’s charge at this Sunday’s Nemwil/ Guardian Life OECS Half Marathon.

The next best in the Open Male section was Lawrence Arthur of Vingram, who recorded a time of 23 minutes 15.62 seconds, with Jolann Cato of Country Roots placing third in 23 minutes 45. 60 seconds.

But it was the run made by Caswell Lewis of the Petit Bordel Secondary School, who clocked 22 minutes, 38.39 seconds that was the highlight of the afternoon. He was the second athlete to cross the finish line.

Also in the Under-15 Male segment of the race, Shammon Hooper, another Petit Bordel Secondary student, and Brandon Parris of the Thomas Saunders Secondary took the second third spots, respectively. Hooper’s time was 24 minutes 17.90 seconds, while Parris completed the distance in 24 minutes 36.46 seconds.

Winning in the Female Open category was the durable Lisa Daniel, who did so in 25 minutes, 24.65 seconds. Daniel was followed by another unattached athlete, Sheva Butcher, whose time was 28 minutes 58.90 seconds. She was followed by Country Roots’ Kericha Fraser in 30 minutes 33 seconds.

Fulicia Creese of the Petit Bordel Secondary was again the winner in the Female Under-15 category. Creese clocked 30 minutes 27.24 seconds. Second in this category was Anada Francois in 30 minutes 50.34 seconds, followed by Kishonique John of the Georgetown Secondary, in 32 minutes 20.20 seconds..

Delplesche of X-Ceed Sports Club again took the Female Under-19, this time in 29 minutes 10.51 seconds. There, however, was a shift in position for the second and third place finishers over the previous weekend’s results.

Linda Mc Dowald of St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua placed second in 29 minutes 51.81 seconds, while Sandrieka Hooper of Petit Bordel Secondary was third in 31 minutes 2.20 seconds.

Ezra Samuel of the Buccament Bay Secondary captured the Male Under-19 title. His winning time was 23 minutes 32. 98 seconds. St. Vincent Grammar School took second and third places with Makiya Fielder and Keron Arthur crossing the finish line in that order.

Fielder’s time was 23 minutes 43.53 seconds and Arthur’s was 24 minutes 20.71 seconds.

Head of the Road Racing Committee, Leroy “Fisher” Llewellyn, told SEARCHLIGHT he was generally pleased with the overall calendar of events. (RT)