June 12, 2009
Draggers return with mixed emotions

Drag racers returned from Grenada with mixed emotions of what was to be an exciting action-packed weekend but was not as fulfilling as expected.{{more}}

Four islands competed in a two-day event that was interrupted by bad weather on Saturday 6th, which forced officials to close the track for safety reasons.

The weather then held up on competition day long enough to allow the racers to start and compete in their brackets. As the brackets passed by one by one, with first rounds in each bracket, Vincentian drivers Lenox Jack, Ronald Reddock, Jason Moussa, Marcus Wallace and Jeff Jon were all victorious in their first round races.

As the brackets passed by, Lenox Jack with his Toyota Corolla looked rather impressive, winning four consecutive races and going on to take 1st place in the 14 sec bracket, while Marcus Wallace and Ronald Reddock also continued on to take 1st and 2nd places in the 13 sec bracket.

As bracket racing continued, Jason Moussa in the 12 sec bracket and Jeff John in the 15 sec bracket were determined to take top spots but were cut short due to a physical altercation between two spectators which lead to the show being shut down by police and officials. A total of four out of nine brackets were not able to be completed in the entire event. Obed Williams, who suffered from engine failure, did not recover in time to compete but was able to drive his car home, while Curtis Alfred, riding his Kawasaki 636, gave the Trinidad and Grenada bikes a run for their money as he battled them the entire weekend out of competition.

The entire team thanks everyone for all the support that was given on the trip and are grateful to be back home safe and looking forward to the next event where they can once again represent their country. The team would also like to thank their sponsors Street Tuners Auto Club, The Hook Up, New Montrose Hotel, Deckies Auto zone and Cash Money Auto.