February 13, 2009
Logg Masters go under to Mustique Executives

In a friendly exchange game of hardball cricket, Mustique Executives defeated the St.Vincent Logg Masters at the Sion Hill Playing Field Sunday, Feb 8, 2009.{{more}}

Sunny skies and warm sunshine were conducive for a limited match of 35 overs.

Logg Masters batted first and were bowled out with a total score of 92 runs from 27.3 overs.

For SVG Masters:

Theodore Huggins and Eurias King clocked a maximum of 20 runs each, while Wendell Glasgow scored 19.

For The Mustique Executives:

Captain Anthony Palmer led the way by hitting the highest score for the day of 25 runs, followed by Harris Roberts, who scored 20.

Caswell Dorsett scored the only 6 for the day.

Desmond Bramble was the “Wrecker-in-chief”, taking 6 important wickets for 1 run in just 2.3 overs. Harris Roberts claimed 2 wickets, while Rohan Blake and Vibert Williams took 1 each.

The afternoon wrapped up with friendly handshakes and happy smiles in the high spirit of the game.

The Executives left the grounds overjoyed and satisfied with their performance, but the Masters hoped to return to Mustique soon, to reclaim their banner.