February 6, 2009
Je Belle stages second annual Invitational Football Competition

The Je Belle FC’s second Invitational Football Competition kicks off this Sunday afternoon at the Campden Park Playing Field, with increased participation.{{more}}

In the inaugural year in 2008, there were four teams participating, this year there will be a 100 percent increase to eight.

The man behind the competition, Bashar Anwar, who is also the founder, owner and financier of Je Belle, told SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday that the aim of the competition was two fold.

“First we are trying to bring an example of what the Federation wants when it brings on its strategic plan, and second, to give (the) national under-20 team good practice,” he said.

The Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation plans to institute an elite club system as part of its strategic plan to streamline football here, and Anwar believes that the upcoming invitational will give the participating teams an insight into what is required of them.

Anwar further lamented the need to have this country’s Under-20 footballers actively engaged in a competitive setting as they prepare for their meeting with Honduras in the battle for eighth spot to the CONCACAF Finals in Trinidad and Tobago next month.

He also stated that the Under-20s will not be eligible to advance to the semis, and reiterated that their participation was primarily for “practice”.

Anwar said that Sunday’s opening is a postponement from last week’s Friday’s intended start at the Victoria Park, but that venue was unavailable at the time, hence the shift to Campden Park.

Sunday’s fixture which starts at 4:30 pm., will see Chelsea taking on the National Under -20.

Stingers FC, Je Belle, NEMWIL Hope International, K & R Strikers , System 3, and Avenues United are the other teams entered.

The first week of competition will be staged at the South Leeward venue, but will move to the Victoria Park from Sunday, February 15, where double headers will be played each night, Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Final is set for Sunday, March 1.(RT)