January 30, 2009
LIME expresses kindness to Neil Williams Cricket Academy

Since the launch of LIME, Country Manager Angus Steele and Marketing/Corporate Communications Manager Fitz Huggins have been very busy making donations to several organizations, schools, sporting bodies and community groups.{{more}}

Last Saturday, January 23, LIME donated a portable cricket net, cricket balls and a bowling speed gun to the Neil Williams Cricket Academy.

The Neil Williams Academy was founded by the late Neil Williams, who played cricket for St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Windward Islands and England.

Neil returned from England in the 1990s and made a commitment to give back to his homeland.

In 2007/08, Cable & Wireless/LIME featured Neil, one of the outstanding cricketers from St Vincent and the Grenadines who have made their mark in the international arena, on the cover of its telephone directory.

At the handing-over ceremony, Angus Steele commented: “In the glory days of West Indies cricket, Cable & Wireless was the proud sponsors. We seem to have lost our pride in recent times, since the team is performing badly. We are in a technological age and the practice net and speed gun are new technologies that can be used to improve the game to get us back to our winning days. LIME is keen to see the game improve and pride brought back to our people.”

Garth Saunders, Deputy Chairman, accepting the equipment on behalf of the academy stated: “This donation from LIME will be useful as the academy will now be able to meet some of its objectives. We want to move into other communities and the portable nets will be useful, since it can be used to focus on specific programs. We always wanted a speed gun so that the fast bowlers can challenge themselves to bowl faster in an age where the fast bowling is declining.”

The academy can boast of having a rich pedigree of young cricketers like Atticus Browne, Bevane Warner and Allandy Ballantyne, who are members of the SVG Under-17 cricket team.

LIME has once again stepped up its game and is making a difference to the youth of the country and the development of sport.