January 23, 2009
TASVG awards its top athletes

Although there was the glitter and the host of awards at Team Athletics SVG Awards Ceremony, which was staged last Saturday afternoon, there was a shortage of the recipients coming forward to the podium at Basil’s Bar in Kingstown.{{more}}

The usually highly anticipated event, despite being held one month later than its customary time, lacked the usual presence of athletes to receive their prizes.

Combined to add some pomp to the athletes’ achievements, prizes won in the Mustique Company National Championships, the Nestle Juvenile, as well as other outstanding awards were presented.

In the Juvenile Championships, the Kingstown Preparatory School made a near sweep of the awards. Yohance Culzac was the Male Under-6 champion; Rayshawn Nanton secured the Female Under-6, Donte Quamina, the Male Under-8, and Shivorn Joslyn, the Female Under-8 title.

The KPS dominance saw Alvron Harry capturing the Male Under-10, with Kacey Browne securing the Female segment of that age group. The other title to be secured by the KPS was Zach Peters- the Male Under-12.

The Marriaqua Government School’s Denicia James was the winner in the Female Under-12. Brandon Parris of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School was the Male Under-14 winner, with Aaliyah Providence, then of the C W Prescod Primary School, the Female champion among the Under 14’s.

Keron Arthur of the St. Vincent Grammar School, the Most Outstanding Athlete at this championship, wore the Male Under-16 crown. Partnering him in this age group was Lori Jack of the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, who copped the Female crown.

Established athletes Yurnic Nanton and Nadia Delplesche copped the Male and Female Under-18 titles respectively. Nanton represented the Petit Bordel Secondary, and Delplesche, named the Most Outstanding Female Athlete among the juveniles, represented the Dr. JP Eustace Memorial.

Providence was the winner of the Under-13 Female title in the National Championships. Nanton secured the Under-18 Male, with Giselle Morris of X-Ceed Sports Club and the Thomas Saunders Secondary, the Female Under-18 winner.

Lovisha Stapleton of the PBSS was the Female Under- 20 winner, and Arthur, the winner among the males.

Andrea David of ACE and Godfrey Harry of X-Ceed, took away the Veterans awards. X-Ceed was the overall team champion, with Arthur, the Victor Ludorum, and Shenique Glasgow of the Georgetown Secondary, the Victrix Ludorum.

The Most Promising Athlete, Caswell Prince, was last year’s holder of the Calvert Woods Trophy. Ramona Mc Dowald copped the award of Volunteer of the Year. Byron Quamina again held on to the Coach of the Year, and Woodrow Williams, the Technical Official of the Year.

X-Ceed Sports Club was named Club of the Year, with the Junior Female Athlete of the Year being Delplesche, and Nanton the Junior Male Athlete for 2008.

Overseas based female athlete Kineke Alexander was the Senior Female Athlete for the year. Pamenos Ballantyne was the Senior Male and was adjudged Athlete of the Year.

Also at last Saturday’s ceremony, more Level One coaches were presented with their certificates, after attending an all local IAAF Course recently. (RT)