June 27, 2008
You Got Served!


Monday, June 16, saw three teams battling in the National Volleyball Championship Tournament. Serving up volleys were male teams Gremlins B going against South Rivers B. The battle between these two took South Rivers to a 25-21 win in the first set with a sound reply from Gremlins of 25-22 in the second. {{more}} The River lads cruised to a steady 2-1 win in the third set with a score of 15 to Gremlins’ 12.

Monday also saw the girls of Gremlins up against the lasses from South Rivers again in a best of three set up. Gremlins won two straight sets with scores of 25-13 in the first set and 32-30 after a heavy rally in the second set from both teams.

The third game on Monday, June 16, delivered court-pounding action when Twin City Combine took on Layou. Twin City owned the game by blocking Layou and placing the game in their favour from the start with a 25-13 win in the first set. They, however, lost the second set 25-19 to Layou but returned in the third to close the deal by a 2-1 win with a score of 25-23.

On Tuesday, July 17, two teams played at the Kingstown Preparatory School hard court to the best of three game setting. Male division team All Stars United took two straight sets, 25-04, 25-13, from team South Rivers.

Wednesday evening saw action on the Girls’ High School court, the Kingstown Preparatory School court and the National Lottery School Court. However, the game of the night was undoubtedly the one between Gremlins 2 and Dickson, which commanded the attention of all within earshot of the screams and cheers of the two teams’ supporters, and the vibration of earth quaking volleys. Playing at the Lottery hard court, Dickson started out on a winning streak by taking the first two of five sets 25-21 and 25-20. In the third set Gremlins 2 won 25-21and the fourth, 25-20. This was a battle to the end of Gremlins after Dickson finished them with a 15-12 win in the fifth and final set.

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