December 14, 2007
NLA Chairman: razor wire at the Victoria Park is a security measure

“The reason for the razor wire at the Victoria Park is for security purposes.”

That was the response of Chairman of the National Lotteries Authority, Murray Bullock, when quizzed about that, the newest addition to the facility.{{more}}

The NLA, the custodians of the Victoria Park, recently erected the razor wire on the wall of the periphery of the venue.

Bullock said that what facilitated the addition of the wire was the volume of complaints from promoters of shows of the “exorbitant fees” for security at their functions.

“These promoters say they have to pay for additional security, which results in a loss of income to them,” Bullock said.

He referred to the Victoria Park as the main cultural venue in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, hence, it must be given that attention.

“Every major show takes place there, and the wire will reduce people scaling the walls,” Bullock added.

Every promoter should get increased revenue from now on,” Bullock proffered.

The issue of the wire came to the fore last week, as there were concerns in some quarters that the wire would damage footballs during matches.

Bullock, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT last Saturday afternoon, said that he was

unaware that the wire was an issue, and rebutted.

“The idea of the razor wire was carefully thought out, and the way the wire is turned the balls can’t be damaged,” he advanced.

The NLA Chairman stated that the razor wire was a better choice than the barbed wire that was an option some years ago.

Bullock said that the increased security measures were all part of the NLA’s continued upgrade of the Victoria Park. He pointed to the improved grassing of the field and the construction of the Conference Centre, as part of this thrust.

Bullock said that the NLA would be matching the Caribbean Bank Note(CBN), $750,000, towards the completion of the centre.

The Chairman was highly optimistic of the uses of the centre, as according to him, “It would be the largest facility in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to hold indoor functions”.

Bullock stated that when the multi-purpose facility is fully functional, the ground floor would cater for band launches, calypso tents, after parties, among other ventures of those types.

The NLA took over the administration of the Victoria Park in 2004, by way of an act of Parliament, from the Kingstown Town Board.