Ricky’s Swim School stages swim meet
September 21, 2007

Ricky’s Swim School stages swim meet

The second Ricky’s Swim School Swimming Championship was successfully staged in the waters off Indian Bay last Saturday afternoon.{{more}}

Thirty-three swimmers from three age categories participated in the championship. And there was competition for all as they tested their skills in the Breast Stroke, Freestyle, Butterfly, Back Stroke, Kick Board Swim and the grueling but exciting open water swim, which covered about 500 m.

This open water swim race, which was the featured event on the day, saw 15 and over male champion Stephenson Wallace coming out on top, with Fidel Davis second and Pamenos Ballantyne third.

In the end, Alexi Gibson was declared Boys 9-15 winner. Arthur Laborde was second and Trevor Bailey Jr. third.

Among the girls in this age category, Shaneece Culzac emerged on top, with Nadifa Joseph docked in second and Adora Lawrence third.

Urleene Smith copped the Girls 15 and over segment.

An exciting Rickydene Alexander, the lead person in the organisation of the swim meet, told SEARCHLIGHT last Saturday that he was satisfied that everything went smoothly, and that participation was what he expected.

He was delighted that it was an open championship, and unlike his school’s previous effort, which was held at a pool, last Saturday’s meet took place in an open setting, which was more natural to Vincentians.

Alexander was especially pleased that persons who are not competitive swimmers turned up to be part of the event.

He listed the assistance of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard service, which was on hand in the unlikely occurrence of a mishap.

A certified swimming instructor, Alexander plans to stage the next meet in October to coincide with Independence celebrations.

A forward looking Alexander said that the next event will even be bigger.