August 24, 2007

SVGCU hosts training course

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union on Monday started the first of two training courses for the year.

A brief opening ceremony was held at the Murray Heights Hotel.##M[more]##

Remarks were heard from president of the SVG Cycling Union Trevor Bailey, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee, Gloria Ballantyne, course conductor Gerald Pegon of France, and Minister of Tourism, Youth and Sports Glen Beache.

Twenty-five persons will attend the ten day programme involving practical and theoretical sessions. Practical sessions will take participants on the road, while classroom sessions will be for three hours daily.

In related news, president of the SVG Cycling Trevor Bailey has written to other cycling federations in the region expressing concern about damage sustained during the passage of hurricane Dean. Martinique in particular, was due to host an elite cycling event in October, but the infrastructure there has sustained some damage.