Ambassador Cheng donates $1,800 to the Special needs
April 5, 2007
Ambassador Cheng donates $1,800 to the Special needs

A $1,800 contribution from the Republic of China on Taiwan has helped to make the Athletic meet of the School for Children with Special Needs a success. Ambassador Jack Cheng handed over the cheque to Principal of the school, Fred Stay last Thursday at the Victoria Park and praised the work of the educators at the learning institution.{{more}}

Ambassador Cheng said that the money contributed towards the printing of T-shirts for the school and said that it was always his pleasure to make the children of the school happier and healthier. Meanwhile Principal Stay thanked the Ambassador for the donation and noted that the Embassy has always been a friend of the school, their recent contribution being two computers.

Stay also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Sports and telecommunications company Digicel for also being sponsors of the athletic meet and thanked the nurses at the Kingstown General Hospital for ensuring that the students were looked after.

Red House won the March Past, but Blue House rose as the champions of the athletic meet with 102 points. Red House was second with 98 points while Yellow came in third with a total of 68 points.

Champion of Sports was Fitzroy Cato of Red House who was also the Infant Boys Champ with 24 points.

Infant Girls Champ was Daleesha Patterson of Red House with 18 points, Junior Girls Champ was Daneesha Oliver of Blue House with 12 points and Junior Boys Champ was Alonzo Mc Barnett of Blue House with 18 points.