Eustace house takes the IHS athletics championship
February 23, 2007

Eustace house takes the IHS athletics championship

Eustace house emerged the winners of the Intermediate High School Inter-House Athletics Championship which took place last Thursday at the Victoria Park.

Eustace or blue house totaled 443 points, with Sylvester House (green) coming second with 411 points, Robertson (red) house placed third with 409 points and fourth was Richards (yellow) with 319 points.{{more}}

Although Eustace House won the overall title, it was Robertson House who had more individual champions; with Cebrella Slack winning the junior girls’ division. Intermediate boys and Victor Ludorum was Kelson Stephens and Kiko Lorraine was the senior boys’ champion. The Victrix Ludorum was Jonique Douglas of Richards House.

Junior Boys champ was David Thomas, and Intermediate Girls champ Keat Collis. The school held its annual road relay on January 30th. This was won by Richards House in both the male and female divisions.